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Basic grammar and sentence structure. Essential vocabulary. Pho­netics. Listening and comprehension. Listening and repetition. Conversation. Dictation.

The course establishes the basis for self-assurance in conversation, Ieading to independence in everyday situations.


Development of basic grammar. Build-up of vocabulary. Phonetics. Dictation. Oral summarising. Conversation. Elementary reading.

The students’ self-assurance in conversation permits them to circulate in an Italian environment.

Middle – lower

Completion of basic grammar. Further build-up of vocabulary.

Written composition. Readings from contemporary authors, such as Calvino and Pratolini.

The students reach a good

 measure of competence and are capable of coping with normal situations in Italian everyday life.

Middle – upper

Structures of syntax and their use. Idiomatic expressions. Written composition. Conversation and discussion. Readings from contempo­rary authors. Reading of newspapers and magazines articles.

The capacity to use the language is perfected. A good level  is achieved both in the use of struc­tures and in the choice of vocabulary.

Advanced I

Special structures of syntax. Special topics in grammar morphology. Conversa­tion and discussion on current subjects. Readings from contemporary authors. Reading and analysis of newspaper.


The capacity for expression reaches the stage of natural use of the language.

Advanced II

Analysis, assimilation and use of the more complex structures of the language. Special word Iists. Style in the written language. Discussion of topics of interest to the class. Reading and analysis of newspaper and magazine articles.


This level aims at general excellence in the written and spoken language.

italian courses

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